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Hi everyone! I hope that you are all doing well in that autumn period. Even if sun is still present, the cold begins to appear and it is always pleasant to find ourself at the end of the day or the weekend under ours blanket, in front of a good series with a good hot tea in the hand. What? Do not tell me I'm the only one to do it. In any case, during autumn and winter, it is what I prefer. These soft moments of comfort at the house where we feel in peace and we are pleased. So why don't we add delicious cookies to that moment to make it even more pleasant?

This is why we are here today. I share with you one of my last delicacies: peanut butter cookies with chocolate chip to be eaten without moderation. The whole without milk, eggs, butter, then perfect when cupboards begin to be empty but when we still crave something sweet.

As often, when I prepare cookies and muffins, I prefer to use the system of cups. It is more practical and I find it less complicated. If you don't have the tools at home , you can use a mug. With a mug of normal proportion, you can realize up to 12 cookies by following this recipe.

Watch the video to see the recipe in english :)

I also made a video knowing that it is more explicit than reading a recipe. And frankly, me the first one, watch a video it is what I prefer. Either due to lack of time or due to lack of desire, I like spending my time on YouTube, I appreciate his interactive side which sometimes can be missing in a blogpost.

I prefer to warn you, cookies are rather dense and crisp. They are not soft cookies, not at all. Personally, I like them very much this way. I find them delicious when we dip them into some milk. Naturally, I know that others will not like them in this way, that is why I prefer to mention it. You can in this case there decrease the quantity of flour :) 

Attention thus not to leave them too long in the oven. At the risk of eating cookies hard as stone!

Autumn begins to be more present, my body then starts craving more filling and hot breakfasts. If you read one of my last article, you must know that currently I am quite particularly crazy about porridges. I find it delicious and on average that fills me up to 5 hours. 

Thus, I decided to add my cookies to my oatmeal to make it even greedier. I prepared my favorite hot version, that is : oat flakes, water, cinnamon and 1/2 crushed banana. I then used the rest of my banana, a cookie or two (for the greediest) and peanut butter as toppings.

Verdict? It was delicious, as we suspect it. Cookies are rather hard and crisp (the way I prefer them) and they fit perfectly with the creamy texture of the porridge. In brief, I advise you largely to try.

Here is thus what looks like this famous porridge cookies/peanut butter. Tasty, right? 

I hope that this article will have you pleased.So see you Wednesday for a new article! In the meantime I wish you to have a good Sunday and a good week.

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