3 OVERNIGHT BREAKFASTS : the perfect breakfast which helps you to stay cool with school

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Hi guys, I hope that you are doing well! If you follow me for some time now, you should know that breakfast is my favorite meal. I adore that, get up early, to take time to prepare it and especially savor it. I never miss this occasion, oh no,  not at all!

The classes already having began again (not for some, I'm sorry), we do not unfortunately have all the time to take in morning to eat. I, the first one, laziness can often take over on my willingness. With the aim of avoiding jumping over a meal and besides the most mattering of the day, I decided to be smarter than my desirable envy to remain hidden at the bottom of my bed. My solution? I named the " overnight breakfast ". 
It is then a breakfast made most of the time  from oatmeal and let overnight in the fridge.  Principle being that by the help of a liquid (water or milk) oat flakes (in this case) are going to swell and thus will not need to be prepared the following morning. Saving of time assured!

Big positive point of this recipe, it is because it is very fickle. Base is: milk, oat flakes, chia seeds (optional), to which we can add spices and fruits based on our own taste. It can be eatable cold or hot. Hey yes, this recipe has everything to please.

Well, without further delay, I let you discover three recipes which I have you to concoct.


I think that my favorite version of it is the chocolaty, although I am crazy about the alliance pear/cinnamon. Even if I am not normally big fan of cinnamon, in very small quantity I learnt to appreciate it. 

Moreover, what kind of breakfast do you take in morning? I'm always interested, being always in search of new recipes:). Thus do not hesitate to share your favorite recipe of porridge or breakfast in comments!

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